If morons could fly… this sky would crumble into pieces If morons could fly… the world will be dark If morons could fly… the sun would react in a supernova attack If morons could fly… little pigs would lose hope to fly If morons could fly… there will be massive traffic jams in the sky […]

It’s no secret that lack of transparency leads to secrecy, corruption and finally impunity. In short and simple terms. This pretty much summarized the general feelings of “Freedom Of Press” in America. Out of frustration and of course out of pressure, Howard Beale, a news correspondence forced to retire earlier by the Network (think about him as […]

If you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you. ― George Orwell Muffley: Well, I, I would hate to have to decide…who stays up and…who goes down. Dr. Strangelove: Well, that would not be necessary, Mr. President. It could easily be accomplished with a […]

Kids With Guns

Propaganda thus becomes the enemy of independent thought and an intrusive and unwanted manipulator of the free flow of information and ideas in humanity’s quest for peace and truth. ― Philip M. Taylor This picture from photographer William Klein of what appears to be a child in a attack of rage holding a real gun pointing […]

Where, where, at the beginning timing of a luminous flux At the edge of space, traversing the constellations through the epicenter At the rhythm of a convex compass, such epigram Nothing is absolute Where we travel like the strings of a symphony In the sonets of an ephemeris in D Major In the verses of each […]

The triumph of emotion over reason in a bureaucratic struggle by the machinery of power for control over the individual. — Philip M. Taylor You’ll never find peace anywhere in this world if you haven’t found it first within yourself. That old saying sounds very lovely and it has some degree of truth. But realistically speaking, even if […]

The Sun is an abandoned child. Once, when the world was dark, his mother hung him in the sky with the thread of her womb. He runs and illuminate the world, looking for her. — Camille Our galaxy, home of our solar system, approximately 4.5 billion years old, on which all the planets in our solar system […]